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This comprehensive liberal arts education resource includes:

*** A Syntopical Course Guide that walks you through primary, required readings (OER) to be considered during our course. This guide also introduces every themed learning module with a short essay and gives an overview of great thinking on each of our weekly syntopical ideas. Finally, the course guide delivers all of our weekly discussion, essay and fieldwork assignments and even provides you suggestions for further research.

*** Annual membership in Fourth World – a non-profit organization promoting conversation, reading and writing habits – is also included as an added BONUS.  As a member you will begin to receive: (1) complementary excerpts of pending publications that we will use for cultural encounter assignments in our class; (2) digital issues of their literary journal (every semester) so you can stay in touch with the humanities all-year; (3) invitations to a free mealtime conversation with your professor to discuss books and ideas as well as invitations to apply for humanities-centered Learning Exchanges in North and South America, Oceania and Europe (full travel scholarships available); and (4) calls to participate in prize-granting contests and to submit your own creative works for publication consideration—including the work we do in this class during the semester.

*** A free, digital-copy of The Quadratics of Learning (January 2018).  This Confluence Courseware guide explores the intellectual traditions and educational theories associated with learning through: (1) lecture; (2) the reading of primary works; (3) formal discussions; and (4) reflective, analytic and creative thinking.


NOTE:  Once you enter our Syntopical Course Guide you will find instructions on how to activate your Fourth World membership (free-of-charge) and begin receiving member benefits.

REFUND POLICY: Requests for refunds for the Syntopical Course Study Guide will only be processed within the first ten (10) work days from the class start-date. After the course has been active for ten (10) work days, requests for refunds cannot be processed. If you decide to drop the class, please notify Confluence by emailing within the ten work days to receive your refund.

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Chad Redwing, Ph.D., Humanities, University of Chicago, and Professor of Humanities

A course virtual text package that will serve as a general interdisciplinary “review” of the Western intellectual and historical tradition.

Simply put, the Humanities study human culture throughout the world from the first moment of human existence until the present.  Because all of cultural history is such a vast subject, humanists often aim to study certain cultures at certain times and to investigate representative cultural production that seems to best capture the human spirit—those “true and beautiful” works that best make sense of who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.

In this course, we will focus principally on Western humanistic traditions from approximately 900 B.C. to the present day.  We will be looking at how Western cultural traditions answer the perennial questions (“Who are we?” and “Where did we come from?” and “Where are we going?”) in ways that seem to strike us as true, wise or beautiful. In order to find different answers to these existential questions, we will study the plastic arts, music, architecture, cinema, philosophy, religion, poetry, drama and literature from both a historical and a thematic perspective.  There will be a focus on how the Judeo-Christian tradition has served as the baseline for culture and values in the Western World.

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