A Prelude to Latin: Primi Gradus – First Steps Student’s Manual


This student manual is the companion text to the Primi Gradus Instructor’s Manual needed by each student for completion of the course.

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Format: Paperback (Print on Demand)

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Course Description: Students will learn the fundamentals of Latin, play games, and memorize vocabulary during this year of Latin.

Course Prerequisites: There are none for this subject.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will understand the Latin alphabet and basic pronunciation.
  • Students will memorize Pater Noster.
  • Students will learn approximately 50 vocabulary words and be able to spell them correctly.
  • Students will be able to translate basic sentences.

Student Materials: Student book

Teacher Materials: Student book & teacher’s manual

Classroom Resources: overhead transparencies for workbook pages

Primary Teaching Methods:

Latin concept introduction, recitation, group work, games

Assessment and Evaluative Methods:

Individual recitation, tests, group work

Grading Criteria:

Effort and class participation = 100%        Grade reflected on report cards as a E,S, or N

Approximate time per week

Two classes a week, 15 min. per class.  Approximate homework per week is 30 min.

Course Sequence:


Quarter 1

Alphabet, pronunciation & accents

Vocabulary: Greetings, small talk, & good byes

Speaking exercises



Quarter 2

Review lesson I & II


Grammar: Cases and endings, singular/plural, noun jobs, and base




Quarter 3

Review lessons I, II, III


Review lesson III grammar




Quarter 4

Pater Noster, Review lessons I-IV


Grammar: conjunctions and declensions



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