Rhetoric I: Gateway to Rhetoric

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A course virtual package to guide middle and high school students and their teachers through the 14 steps (heuristics) of pre-rhetoric exercises known as Progymnasmata. Upon completion, students will be prepared for a course in classical rhetoric.

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Scott Baker, Doctoral Studies (through candidacy 1990), Speech Communication, University of Maryland
M.A. Speech Communication, University of North Carolina-Greensboro 1984

The purpose of this courseware package is to introduce (primarily) 9th grade students to the practical and theoretical riches of an art of writing/composition/speech grounded in the classical rhetorical resources known as the progymnasmata. Students will be prepared to think rhetorically at a rudimentary level and apply this understanding in very concrete, practical ways as they write academically responsible essays and deliver them in a variety of oral modes.

This courseware will assist teachers too. Those who work in well-entrenched schools will be able to use its resources.

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