Courseware Creators

Courseware Creators

RodneyMarshall_profileConfluence Courseware, LLC. partners with pioneering creators who aspire to deliver the best of a traditional liberal arts curriculum using a conversational pedagogy to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is a space where scholars and educators collaborate with each other under the guidance of highly experienced classical educators, educational entrepreneurs and courseware creators to monetize their creations through a royalty stream. The intention is to provide great books curriculum through digital delivery to any school or student that desires it.

The concept includes aggregating content at a lower than industry cost by using courseware creators’ original works of authorship, works in the public domain, and freely accessible Open Educational Resources (OER). We wish for every student to receive this best education, but anticipate high performing students as those with the primary interest. CC aims to become the nationally recognized provider of classics-oriented courseware for high school and post-secondary students. Courseware Creators will normally hold an advanced degree (doctorate required for developing collegiate level courseware), enjoy a background in teaching, scholarship and curriculum design and enthusiasm for its applications on a digital platform. The Courseware Creator will retain the copyright to their own works, receive an agreed upon royalty as a percentage of net sales, and participate with other creators in editorial review and in promoting the works through inbound marketing. If you are interested in learning more about joining our Confluence Courseware Creative Team please see Courseware for examples and fill out the contact form.

Rodney Marshall

Rodney J. Marshall, Ed.D., is Editor-in-Chief of Confluence Courseware, LLC.

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