antiqityruinsConfluence Courseware provides digital classics curricula for K-20 students. This great books courseware for the great conversation with digital delivery requires no physical books and may be used in the typical classroom, a blended learning, or flipped classroom school environment, or as the curriculum for an online school or homeschool. Courseware will begin with deep readings in the classic works of Western civilization, complemented by online research tools, and well-aggregated media rich resources such as art works, maps, timelines, photographs, audio tracks, music, and multimedia for enjoyment, variety, explanation and demonstration.

Courseware creators will use few if any resources that require fees to control costs and pricing, provide for ubiquitous distribution online free from copyright infringement, and to demonstrate a cutting edge method of courseware development using as many open resources as possible. Instead, these designers will aggregate into well organized courseware their own original works of authorship, works in the public domain, works available without permission through fair use, those made available for commercial use through Open Educational Resources (OER) licenses, and those used by direct permission from the copyright holder normally without a fee. Most high school courses will prepare qualifying students to sit for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Post-secondary courseware will also focus on the classics to meet core liberal arts requirements.

When the company develops a course like History of Western Civilization: Antiquity, the readings would include portions of Herodotus as the father of Western history, and progress tastefully through Thucydides, Plutarch, Livy, Tacitus, Augustine and so forth augmented with maps, timelines, relevant art, architecture and engineering, as well as multimedia recreations aggregated primarily from Open Educational Resources (OER). A student could watch a screen adaption of the Battle of Thermopylae after reading the original in Herodotus followed by questions and conversation that compare, contrast, interpret and evaluate the two side by side. The FREE Introduction to the Great Books is part of our social responsibility to make the classics new to anyone and everyone and to offer a taste of the fee based courseware before students, faculty, and administrators purchase our product. A learning management system can provide a school with the means for online discussion with a cohort and instructor or facilitate that discussion in a brick and mortar classroom by means of a digital projection. Following is an initial outline or scope and sequence for the digital curriculum products. After achieving profitability the company can consider expansion into additional course titles that fit the mission of CC. Courseware Creators will be invited to submit proposed courses for development, which will be evaluated by CC for consistency with the mission of the company and sales potential. In this way the courseware catalogue will grow over time to serve any aspect of the market for digital great books courseware with a conversational pedagogy.

High School Collection Scope and Sequence

The High School Collection will include Confluence Courseware for an integrated study of three courses in the humanities, which are history, literature and philosophy/religion.  This integrated approach to the humane letters facilitates development of the student thought from the beginning of Western civilization through the fall of the Roman Empire, or Antiquity and readies her to naturally progress to the study of the Middle Ages and then Modernity.

The collection will also include a series of courses in rhetoric, argumentation, writing and public speech, economics, government, mathematics and the sciences – all in the classic Western intellectual tradition.

History of Western CivilizationLiterature of Western CivilizationPhilosophy & Religion of Western CivilizationEnglish LanguageSocial StudiesOther
Antiquity – RenaissanceAntiquity – RenaissanceOld Testament SurveyLogic for RhetoricAP Macro-economics*Euclid I
Renaissance – 21st C AP European*Renaissance – 21st CNew Testament SurveyClassical Rhetoric IAP Micro-economics*Euclid II
AP United States*American & AP Literature/Composition*Western MonotheismClassical Rhetoric II AP Lang/Comp*AP Comparative Government*Newton I
ApologeticsThe Great Tradition of Public SpeakingAP United States Government*Newton II

* Courses designed to prepare the student to sit for the AP exam upon completion.

Confluence Courseware will provide digital courses to train faculty and administrative personnel how to implement the courseware with conversational learning pedagogy in the blended learning, flipped classroom or online school environments. Training courseware will explain and demonstrate the curriculum and pedagogy using highly interactive online communication tools. On site or live telecommunications training, and consulting services for individuals and institutions seeking to establish great books, or classics programs facilitated by digital courseware.

The Collegiate Collection

The Collegiate Collection emphasizes courseware in the humanities.

Our Growing Catalog of Interactive e-Texts