Everyone Can Learn about Western Monotheism

Everyone Can Learn about Western Monotheism

imageA course virtual text package that will serve students as a general interdisciplinary “review” of the Western religious tradition of monotheism with a focus on Jewish and Christian religious traditions with a unit on Islam as a “clash of monotheistic ideals” relevant to the contemporary world.

In the course we will be focusing in-depth on the origins and development of the three Western monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We will focus on the sacred texts of these three religious traditions—the Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim and the New Testament in The Holy Bible, and the Qur’an—as well as their rituals and celebrations and the music, art, cinema, philosophy, poetry, drama, literature and architecture inspired by monotheistic religious belief and practice. That is to say, we will be looking at how these monotheistic cultural traditions answer the questions: ―Who are we? ―Where did we come from? and ―Where are we going? We will also briefly look at the physical geography, history and politics of the peoples and lands most influenced by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Emphasis on comparative readings of sacred texts.

Rodney Marshall

Rodney J. Marshall, Ed.D., is Editor-in-Chief of Confluence Courseware, LLC.

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