Merging Great Works and Digital Delivery

Merging Great Works and Digital Delivery

Confluence Courseware is an effort to reverse current cultural and social trends and use digital technology not as an ends but a means—as a tool to promote genuine and significant human conversation.

Using great works—including influential and important texts from all of human history in the creative arts and literature, religion, philosophy, the natural, applied and social sciences—Confluence Courseware is an attempt to utilize the more beneficial aspects of our technological society, while mitigating the more deleterious cultural consequences, so that we may remember our cultural heritage and re-engage in timeless conversations which center around what it means to be human. In other words, Confluence Courseware is an attempt to find the center between technological advance and the distinctly human aspirations and anxieties which can only be expressed through sincere dialogue.

Harnessing, then, the possibilities of digital delivery while still retaining a commitment to the very human skill of conversation, Confluence Courseware insists that authentic engagement, through close examination and thoughtful dialogue of great works via digital delivery, is the best way, given our contemporary moment, to not talk about what is the latest viral phenomena on the machine but what is inscribed in the human heart.

Part Socrates and part Thomas Edison, the credo of Confluence Courseware conversation is the timely use of contemporary technologies to facilitate explorations of timeless great works in intellectual and spiritual conversation that span thousands of years. As a premier digital resource for educators, conversationalists and life-long learners to foster meaningful and productive exchange through digital delivery, Confluence Courseware promotes the widespread publication of curricular guides, open educational resources and scholarly and creative works for the express purpose of safeguarding our cultural heritage and engaging the ideas, expressions and inspirations which best capture our humanity.

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Rodney Marshall

Rodney J. Marshall, Ed.D., is Editor-in-Chief of Confluence Courseware, LLC.

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