A Prelude to Latin series is designed to guide teachers and students through basic Latin concepts that equip the student with the necessary knowledge to excel in junior high and high school Latin programs. A Prelude to Latin is unique in that it requires students to engage not only in basic cognitive skills (memorization) but also in the application of the language. Just as students learn English through reading and writing, so too will they learn Latin through reading and writing. Whereas many Latin primers focus on a contextual memorization, A Prelude to Latin forces students not only to develop a large vocabulary but also to use the language through meaningful application. To that end teachers and students will find themselves translating and writing in Latin almost immediately and find great enjoyment in doing these tasks.

The series consists of the following four books:

  1. Prīmī Gradūs (First Steps) is intended for third graders or anyone new, young or old, to Latin.
  2. Secundī Gradūs (Second Steps) is intended for fourth graders or those continuing the series.
  3. Tertiī Gradūs (Third Steps) is intended for fifth graders.
  4. Quartī Gradūs (Fourth Steps) is intended for sixth graders.

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