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merge-for-trademarkTHE FUTURE OF EDUCATION NOW
Confluence Courseware delivers innovative solutions to schools. That’s why we are introducing MERGE a new, state-of-the-art Learning Repository. Blending online resources with on-site school teaching, MERGE features a preloaded PreK-collegiate repository or library of learning materials. You can enjoy the materials as developed or customize them for your curriculum plan. Additionally you can also upload your curriculum and administrative tools so they can be available to anyone that can log in.

MERGE provides teachers, students and administrators rich, online learning community tools enabling them to interact, share information, and collaborate outside the classroom. With live chat, blogs and forums, learning can take place virtually anywhere!

MERGE Learning Repository is preloaded with a vertically and horizontally integrated PreK – 12 curriculum plan organized and available grade by grade or in its entirety. The MERGE concept will eventually supersede the typical written curriculum populated with textbooks. This advanced concept permits the replacement of textbooks with online and openly licensed curriculum called Open Educational Resources (OER). While MERGE is an intermediate step toward the future of education now, it is being updated as its parent company Confluence Courseware, LLC publishes complete textbook replacements and schools customize materials in high quality coursebuilding software. Your school can download and use materials as is, or download and customize materials to fit your school’s plan. The idea is to reduce the time and energy involved with composing original works by building on the work of others that is stored in the cloud repository. Any coursebuilding tool with SCORM output  will easily produce gorgeous customized curriculum for your school at a fraction of the const of origination. The price is set low and the customer can opt out at any time to permit a risk free foray into the future of education now. Students, parents and teachers will also have access to an array of online learning tools, customized by your own staff.

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