Confluence Courseware and its strategic partners provide the following services to educational institutions:

Digital K-20 Curriculum

Confluence Courseware, LLC, an innovative for-profit digital curriculum business, creates and distributes unique courseware rooted in the classics of the Western intellectual tradition that emphasizes a conversational pedagogy. The partnership with Marshall Education Group and ICON Digital Solutions enables Confluence Courseware to provide a comprehensive service including courseware, management consulting to help schools with implementation, and digital services needed by every contemporary school.

School Management Consulting

The Marshall Education Group delivers innovative solutions to start, grow, and improve private and proprietary schools.  With services such as school governance and management consulting, curriculum development, professional training, keynote speaking,  and interim head of school posting, we provide a proven methodology that leads to success for administrators, teachers, and students.

Marshall Education Group

Web Design and Digital Marketing

ICON Digital Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency offering website design, development, hosting, brand identity, and digital marketing services to help schools reach and engage their target demographic.

ICON Digital Solutions